Ralph Woodbury

Co-founder of ESP is Ralph Woodbury, a retired City of Monroe firefighter/paramedic, with 30+ years of public service. Married for over 30 years, I have 3 grown children. I have always had an interest of the unknown, such as ghosts, aliens, Bigfoot, etc. Growing up, my parents readily acknowledged the existence of “other things”.
As a teenager, I had an experience that frightened me out of my socks. At that time, I was not sure what had happened, but years later, thinking about it, I realized I experienced something fantastic.
I have a very open mind, and try to debunk any experience I may have, being an EVP or a visual experience, and get very excited when it cannot be debunked.


Jane Woodbury

Investigator/Co-Founder of Erie Shores Paranormal. An interest in ghosts and the other side came after having had some personal paranormal experiences of my own, it was 1986 and I was living in an upstairs apartment of an older home. With a passion to help others and a desire to learn more about the other side, I hope to be able to help our clients better understand their situation and assist them in any way I can. I use a logical approach when investigating and look for a "normal explanation" before declaring any occurrence paranormal.

Chad Dye

I started as a skeptic, a non-believer in things paranormal. Since joining this group I've learned a ton, had personal experiences and have captured some fantastic evidence that I cannot explain. I still take a skeptical viewpoint and try to debunk any and all evidence. I believe in taking a scientific approach when investigating and always act with compassion and respect. I am very interested in new technology, theories and processes. Like most paranormal investigators, I am looking for answers.

Heather Hansen

I spent most of my childhood and early adulthood intrigued by but afraid of spirits and their possibilities. As a young adult I encountered two figures, in the same room of the same house, and they solidified my fear for many years. After my second oldest daughter started watching “scary” movies, her interest in the paranormal brought me to a place where I could learn about it without being scared. I’ve barely been investigating a year, and I just recently caught my first class-A EVP! Exploring the history and architecture of buildings fascinates me, and being able to help validate paranormal claims in the process adds so much more to the experience.

Kimberly Fell

I’ve always been curious of the spirit world, even as a young teenager. I had my first experience at the age of 14 witnessing a black mass floating in my bedroom. That experience terrified me; but that’s what really got me interested in the paranormal. Since joining the team I have had some great experiences and have heard some awesome EVP’s. I love learning about new hunting equipment and trying to capture as much evidence as I can. I really enjoy being able to help someone or a family who has had claims of paranormal activity and being able to give them a plausible answer to what may be happening.

Christie Reigle

My interest in the paranormal began years ago after multiple experiences throughout childhood and life of being touched, hearing audible voices etc. I started my journey with NCP in Indiana, and after learning the basics joined ESP a few years later. Throughout my journey I have grown from wanting to simply know who I was speaking too, to now wanting to know more. Who are they? Why do they say the things they say…and how exactly do we truly interact with them. It is these questions and more that compel me to go into the darkness with no fear.

Chris Williams

I'm Chris. I build stuff and hunt ghost.

Donna Williams

I've always had an interest in the paranormal and have had experiences since early childhood. I'm very interested in poltergeist activity, demonic possession, psychic abilities, Ouija boards, automatic writing, basically all forms of communicating with those who've passed on my favorite being evps. I'm seeking the answer to the age old question...is there life after death?

Kathy Rogoff

When I was 15 years old I had my first encounter with a ghostly apparition. Since then my interest has expanded greatly. It has left me with many questions & curiosity of the paranormal. So I am very excited to be working with and learning from this exceptional group.

Holly Rehberg

I have always been interested in the paranormal since I was young. My mother's side of the family had psychic abilities , were card readers and clairvoyant and my father was always watching out for the UFO's , Bigfoot and the intrigued by the Bermuda triangle. I believe in ghosts. I have seen things that I believe to be ghosts and had strange things happen to me. This is why I'm so glad to be joining this team. To learn more about the paranormal. To be a ghost hunter .

Shaun Sperr

I am interested in the unknown. Whether its paranormal, Bigfoot, Nessi, Magladon or ufos it all interests me. I love it all. I want to find it or see it. I've had some great experiences with ghosts. If there is something you want to know about me, just ask. I'm like an open book.

Amy Amazeen

I have always believed in the paranormal but didn’t have my first experience till I saw my first apparition in my home in my early 30’s. I joined Erie Shores Paranormal in 2017 and hope to help people understand the “unseen” and look for ways to debunk and/or help explain the phenomenon that has been experienced.

Jill Osborne

I am 53 yrs of earthly age. I'm a Mom and Nana.
My interest in the paranormal started when I was too young to remember. I've always "seen" and am fortunate enough to have had parents that didn't think i was crazy and allowed me to grow my gift. 
I can remember watching the Native Americans doing laundry in the river. I described it to my Mom, who was fascinated. 
I'm the group's XL Medium..haha.

Lori Shepard

I’m a 54 year old Mom and grandma . My first paranormal experiences started as a young child with shadow people . I’ve had many paranormal experiences and joined Erie Shore Paranormal team in 2017. I love investigating and finding the solutions to help the families who contact us.